GS Caltex was established in 1967, as the first private oil company in Korea. Today GS Caltex Corporation provides more than a third of Korea's needs in petroleum products and for export towards more than 60 countries. Equitable owners of GS Caltex are Chevron and GS Group. All products are based on high-quality technologies by Chevron and OEM approved.

The South Korean company GS Caltex (trade-marks "KIXX" and "GS") is one of the leaders in the extraction and deep processing of oil in East Asia. One of the priority areas is the production of base oils and finished lubricants. The company daily produces 4.13 million liters of high-quality base oil (ΙΙ and ΙΙΙ API groups) and more than 1.43 million liters of lubricants. The priority of GS Caltex is the production of products for automotive transport and special equipment. It is the products of GS Caltex Corp. world-famous manufacturers such as Hyundai-KIA MOTORS, Doosan Infracore, Volvo Construction Equipment, Hyundai Heavy Industries use for their cars and equipment as the first factory bay. GS Caltex Corp. delivers its products to the government of South Korea, as well as world-renowned companies Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, LG Chemicals, POSCO.


From a humble beginning, the Veedol brand was chosen in 1914 by professionals for the world’s first mass produced car, the Model T-Ford. As years passed by, acceptance and applications grew which lead to it being chosen for automobile, aviation and industrial applications. Heritage, premium quality, professionalism and evolution are some of the features that describes the Veedol brand.


Millard is the European brand specialized in high tech systems for vehicle and machinery filters. Millard® offers to its markets, products and services with the highest quality level.  lnnovation and new technologies allow the vehicle fluids to work in optimal conditions to benefit а conscious energy consumption, environmental care and health of the population.